armani logoArmani/Dada issues from the joint partnership formed by the Armani Group & Molteni Group for the production and distribution of kitchen systems.

The “Bridge” kitchen system was the first Armani/Dada to be launched, the result of a long term collaboration that envisages the development of additional systems for both the residential and contract sectors. Armani/Casa opened as a division in 2000 and was seamlessly integrated into the Giorgio Armani Group’s corporate vision.

Armani/Casa is the result of Giorgio Armani’s desire to develop the ideal living space: intimate, unique and sophisticated, where comfort and harmony are the rule. Dada, a company within the Molteni Group, has been developing and producing furnishing systems for the contemporary kitchen environment since 1980, always achieving a very high aesthetic and functional level.

Design and comfort, elegance and finctionality. These are the key words that define the Armani/Dada collection, which has expanded to include new products as “Calyx” and “Checkers”.

Armani/Dada Systems are available from single brand Armani/Casa outlets as well as the most appropriate concept stores belonging to the Molteni Group. This collaboration between Armani/Casa and Dada has a cosmopolitan mission. To bring the simplicity and elegance of true Italian style to the whole world.