lantic colinalL’Antic Colonial was created in 1999.To meet the ever increasing demand for high quality natural products. To harness nature’s creative potential as a source of inspiration in interior and exterior design and to arouse unique, unforgettable sensations.We want L’Antic Colonial to become a leading reference in interior and exterior design as a specialist in high quality natural materials. Through a top class team of specialists in research, development and innovation and by remaining true to a fundamental premise: that it is nature that provides us with these materials, hence our duty to look after it. L’Antic Colonial has always played a very special role within Porcelanosa Group as a specialist in exclusive, natural products: terracotta, slate, marble, natural wood and mosaics, together with complementary items like washbasins, countertops and bathroom furniture, ensuring global design projects with all the warmth of natural products. L’Antic Colonial currently has two worksites, one in Villarreal where its head office and logistics centre are located, and another in L’Aldea, Tortosa, where its exclusive hand-crafted terracotta is manufactured.

Product Catalogue:

 L'Antic Colonial Catalogue 2013 (21.1MB)

 L'Antic Colonial Madera Catalogue 2013 (21.9MB)

 L'Antic Colonial Styledeck Catalogue 2013 (333KB)

 L'Antic Colonial Novedades Muestra Catalogue (12.7MB)