urbatek logoPorcelanosa Group is today a leading company in national and international market, set on the values ​​of innovation and quality, but above all, based on the confidence in his extensive team, made up of more than 5,000 people, and the attention to their social environment.

With nearly 40 years of experience, Porcelanosa Grupo is present in over 100 countries around the world, thanks to a unique business model, which relies on a strong business strategy. Today is one of the most recognized Spanish companies worldwide, and is considered by consumers as a company strong and robust, according to a study by the Reputation Institute.

Diversification in production has been a mainstay in the growth of a business group that started only with making tiles.Currently, the eight Group companies offer a comprehensive range of products ranging from kitchen or bathroom equipment to advanced building solutions for contemporary architecture.

Porcelanosa Group has experienced steady growth in its turnover through proper economic and financial management. This has allowed today, remains as one of the most solid companies market both domestically and internationally.

The result of this continuous search product specialization, born URBATEK, technical porcelain stoneware ceramic, created to meet the highest technical requirements in architectural and design projects. A high-performance ceramic product suitable for both outdoor and indoor, with a multitude of sizes and finishes available.

Urbatek born in order to meet the needs of professionals in architecture and design, some of its most popular features are:

- Through-body Porcelain. Pottery All Mass, without enamel surface or “double charges”.

- Low absorption (well below what is required by current regulations) and large mechanical performance.

- Unrepeatable designs lacking graphics production processes.

- Multiple surface finishes. Polished high light reflectance, and reliefs Lapados quality.

- Large parts and multiple formats combined together.

Thus, the Urbatek porcelain, brings the best features of technical ceramics, together with the design, elegance and finishes that offers natural stone. The best alternative to transform the architecture into a contemporary practice.

Product Catalogues:

 Urbatek General Catalogue 2013 (6.04MB)

 Urbatek XLIGHT Catalogue 2013 (8.84MB)