gessi private wellness logoWith their creations ranging from taps to ceramics, to precious eco-textiles bathroom and fragrances environment, Plasters create a new style of living: a “design for living, to wear and breathe.” Thanks to a game of harmonic connections between aesthetic emotions, touch and smell, the design Gessi involve all the senses allowing you to enjoy personal spaces where space is a new gesture of well-being, daily experience of wellness in which to celebrate the renewed contact with themselves. 
Genuinely “Made in Italy” and made ​​with great attention to the environment and the user, the products Plasters embody a new sensitivity in fitting, careful with the elegance and charm of objects as to their ethical content. Architects, interior designer or simple lovers of beauty and taste of home living, those who allow themselves to be seduced by the world Plasters are an extraordinary audience, made ​​up of people extrovert, creative, dynamic, innovative, who likes to think outside the box: people capable of change the present and invent the future. Thinking about these people Gessi has given rise to new living concepts through the widest imaginable range of products, styles, patterns and installation solutions as varied as to allow an unlimited design freedom tied to ‘ water with new solutions and unpredictable, with those special features, aesthetics and technology, which make the product and the environment that it furnishes in turn special: a place to live and show in which everyday gestures acquire a new value and extraordinary. Gessi products are designed keeping in mind the people who will use them, with the aspiration that design, with its ability to infuse art content in consumer products, enrich living spaces, making special and only the experience of everyday life. Gessi believes that innovate means to fulfill dreams and anticipate needs not only invent new design solutions or design for interior design and well-being, but also respect the environment, with new technologies, new processes manufacturing, new materials. projects Plasters are born from creative freedom and a string always original, with a passion for objects that are freed from the coded function and prescribed to reinvent themselves to new uses: objects empathetic, friendly, enjoyable.Items that improve people’s lives. 

Product Catalogues:

 Private Wellness Catalogue (12.6MB)